… Access Rwanda Safaris Ltd, has the honour to inform the international travel trade industry, and all the potential future tourists / visitors to Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda, that with effect from 01/01/2014, they will need to have just One Tourist Visa, which will enable them to visit all the 3 countries.

The decision to issue one Tourist Visa, for the 3 countries, reflects the political, and economic desire of the 3 countries to promote East African countries as one tourist destination region.

It has been announced that clients who require the Tourist Visas, will apply for the Visas at any one of the 3 countries Embassies, abroad, or, they may make Online Visa application.

The cost of the Visa for Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda, will be US$ 100 only.

You are warmly welcome to our East African tourist destination countries, of Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda.

For more information about our East African classical savannah safaris, the mountain Gorillas safaris, and the new one Visa application procedures, please, contact us … “.