We like to thank you for visiting our website and taking interest in what we have to offer.

Mountain Gorilla Safaris is an independent travel agency, with a focus on East Africa. We bring tourists and local tour operators together, in order to keep the prices acceptable and the expertise and the quality of travel high. It takes a local to show the best of his country! This company was born out of friendship, a friendship that shared at least one common love: “东非”. 而除了这个共同的爱, all friends agreed, that one of the main goals for this cooperation between our travel agency and the local tour operating companies would be to create a happy and satisfied customer base, who would spread out the word of the way we treat our clients showing them the best of East Africa.

在过去,我们想知道, 为什么我们如此深受广大客户的赞赏. Actually we had not so much problems finding the answer to that question. 与我们创建的每一个行程, 我们总是问我们自己; “如何将我们喜欢它是?”. “Is there anything we would like to see different in this proposal?” 最后; “我们会很乐意与这样的结果?”.

比对时,这些问题的所有答案 “YES, 我们会!”, 我们敢于为我们的行程,我们的客户.

Of course it will still happen that the clients like to see some changes, 甚至许多变化在我们的建议进行, 但是,这并不重要, 因为这就是为什么我们呼吁我们之旅 量身定做的旅行!