Kigali-Golf-ClubRwanda has a beautiful 18 holes golf course, well maintained and a challenge for every golfer. The course is situated in the main city of Rwanda, Kigali.

Playing this course will be an unforgettable experience for you and for sure in combination with a visit to Rwandas main attractions like the Mountain Gorillas, Akagera Game Park, Nyungwe Forest and Lake Kivu.


But you will find out that Rwanda has much more to offer then this!

The woman Intore dancers will show you there graceful dances while the male dancers will show you their impressive movements and high jumps dressed in their traditional outfits.

Traveling through Rwanda is a safari on it self. The beautiful and diverse landscape with its hills, mountains and vulcanous will amaze you again and again.

 Access Rwanda Safaris can offer you a tailor made trip through Rwanda, combining Gorilla trekking and/or other interesting safaris, with some nice golf playing, even in combination with other golf courses, like for example in Uganda.

Combining wildlife safaris and some days to play golf, seems the ultimate holiday for those who like a challange in sport.


Imagine that you are back home and play your home course again. Would it not be nice to tell your friends that you played at the Kigali Golf Club and met with the Mountain gorillas the other day?