Invitation to visit East Africa

You are cordially invited to visit this small but beautiful Rwanda, which is also fondly called the Country of the Thousand Hills.
The partners of Mountain Gorilla Safaris Travel Agency, will be more than privileged to show you the very best of what you want to see and experience in the country.
The Rwanda’s tourism sights and sounds eagerly wait for your visit, appreciation, and enjoyment.
Indeed, some of our partners have been in the business of international tourism operations for the last 15 years, and will gladly use their experiences in the industry, to enhance your positive experiences and enjoyment of our Mountain Gorilla Safaris.

The Language Barriers

eating-gorillaOf significant importance to our international clients, is the fact that we have reduced the language barriers to the very minimum levels. Our Team of professional Tour Guides / Drivers speak English, and/or French.
Accordingly, you will be at home with Mountain Gorilla Safaris if you speak any of these international languages.

instructionsReservations of Gorilla Tracking Permits

In response to the current high demand for gorilla tourism in Rwanda, we advise our clients to reserve their required gorilla tracking permits well in advance.

We advise the clients who wish to visit the mountain gorillas in Rwanda, to book the gorilla tracking permits well in advance, due to the high demand for gorilla tourism, worldwide.
The current price of one gorilla tracking permit in Rwanda is fixed at US-Dollars 750. For the prices in Uganda, or DR Congo, please ask! There might be a significant difference.


Reservations of Mountain Gorilla Safaris

primates of NyungweIn order for us to design your East Africa safari itinerary, and establish the tour price, please supply us with the following information:

  • The date and the month of the year when you wish to visit the country,
  • The number of days you will stay in which country,
  • The number of other persons accompanying you,
  • Number of persons younger than 15 years,
  • The preferred sites and attractions to be visited while in the country,
  • The accommodation required in regard to the number of Double Rooms / Twin Beds, and Single Rooms,
  • And any other personal needs and preferences.

Once our clients have accepted the tour itinerary, we shall immediately provide the appropriate net tour price for the tour.
At the same time, we shall provide our clients with the details of our Bankers where the agreed tour price funds should be sent.