• DR Congo

    The Democratic Republic of the Congo was formerly, in chronological order, the Congo Free State, Belgian Congo, Congo-Léopoldville, Congo-Kinshasa, and Zaire (Zaïre in French). A case that has particularly alarmed conservationists is that of primates. The Congo is inhabited by three distinct great ape species; the common chimpanzee, the bonobo and the gorilla. It is […]

  • Rwanda

    The Republic of Rwanda is, geographically, a very small African country, comprising of about 26,000 square kilometers in size. Yet, it is a richly endowed country with an amazing variety and diversity of natural beauty, wildlife species, and diverse topographic sceneries that are both panoramic and a beauty to the beholder.

  • Uganda

    If you prefer to visit both Rwanda and Uganda in one extended safari, please let us know about it, and we shall design an appropriate tour itinerary / program covering the two countries to suit your wishes. Uganda, officially the Republic of Uganda, is a landlocked country in East Africa. Uganda is bordered on the […]