Our clients are invited not only to see the unique primate species, the savannah wildlife, the beautiful countryside , the massive volcanic mountains, but also to spend a few days in up- country Villages, with Rwandan families.

The Home-Stay tours enable the visitors to interact, positively, with the ordinary Rwandan people, by participating in their social, cultural, economic and traditional activities.


Further more, the Home-Stay tours promote human understanding between the visitors and their Rwanda hosts.

Our Home-Stay tours are real, tangible means of uplifting the economic development of the rural people, by taking the “Tourist Dollars” directly, into the pockets of the Rwanda Families, living in upcountry Villages.

Over the last 5 years, ARS has been promoting, and conducting Rwanda Homestay Experiences (RHE), by the visitors / tourists, to Rwanda, whereby they are given an opportunity to stay a couple of days / nights, with the Rwandan families.

Our Rwandan families hosts, have been mainly selected from the rural areas, of Rwanda, to give our clients the rare unique encounters with the Rwandan rural / village life experiences.

With our hindsight knowledge, we have decided to modify the caliber / personalities of our Rwanda hosts, in order to offer our clients wide – range options, as to whom they wish to stay with, during their RHE.

The new RHE policy is geared towards enabling our clients to stay with the Rwanda families who have the same / similar occupational, professional, or, work – related skills / experiences.

For example, clients with professional / occupational skills / experiences in agriculture, animal husbandry, teachers / lecturers / professors, different domains of engineering, ICT managers / workers, medical personnel, journalists / writers, the hospitality industry & services, etc., etc., will stay with their Rwandan families who have the same / similar skills / experiences.

With such organized RHE of matching people with the common denominators in their respective professions / occupations, it is hoped that “birds of the same feathers” will flock together, in a perfect social harmony, during their stay in Rwanda.

Another modification about our RHE policy is that the clients have the option to stay in, ether, the urban centers / towns, or in the rural, up country villages.

Further more, our clients may stay with some of the 1994 Genocide survivors, to have an opportunity of hearing the real stories about the Rwanda genocide calamity, that took place in 1994.

At the end of their Rwanda tour, clients will have lifetime memorable experiences of the TOTAL RWANDA, having seen our rare wildlife species, plus our Rwandan traditions, and social life daily encounters.

N.B.: A < 3 days & 2 nights > RHE is highly recommended.